How to Decorate for Halloween on a Budget

Bring a lot or a little scare to your home for Halloween with these budget friendly decorating tips and ideas!  Afterall, Halloween is that unique time of year when it’s fun to be scared, but also allows you to be creative in the way you decorate. 1. One of the most inexpensive ways to add […]

Savannah GA Residential Buyer’s Agent

Savannah GA Residential Buyer's Agent

Need an agent on your side? All buyers should have one whether they realize it or not. Listing agents hold contracts with homeowners and sellers. Their primary responsibility is to sell the property for the seller. They first priority is not to the buyer. Although listing agents can be honorable and ethical, they really owe […]

When to Hire a Property Manager?

When to Hire a Property Manager?

If you’re considering buying an investment property you’re also probably wondering whether or not you should be the landlord or hire a property manager. A property manager typically manages multiple properties and can help find the proper tenant, collect rents and schedule any repairs. As a landlord, doing it yourself means screening tenants, organize showings, […]

How Savannah Home Owners Can Conserve Energy


These days, everyone has gadgets around there homes.  TV’s, computers, multi-use monitors, kitchen appliances and many other electronics that make it necessary to have power strips protruding from almost every electrical socket in your home.  Not every gadget is completely necessary for daily function, however it is nice to retain the ability to use your […]

Many Homeowners Will Receive Refinancing Help

Home Equity

An announcement concerning homeowners in the United States was made in a news conference on March 6, 2012.  President Obama unveiled two new housing initiatives intended to help with government-insured loans and members of the military. This news is huge and could mean significant savings to all of the homeowners it applies to. The first […]