When you are selling your home in Savannah, the more welcoming it can be the better. Show buyers that your home is in perfect line with the classic southern charm and hospitality our area is know for. Give buyers that feeling that “this is the one” by removing your personal photos and mementos and opting for decor that is neutral and appealing to everyone.

The de-clutter process is part of an overall home staging strategy that helps buyers to picture themselves living in your home. Trust me, buyers will easily become distracted from what your home offers if they are stopping to look at family vacation photos and memorabilia.

So what should you decorate your home with when you’ve removed the personal touches that said “you”? The possibilities are endless but I’ve narrowed it down to a few that should get you started! Remember that it’s best to stick with non-gender specific items like candles, abstract art, and flower-less window treatments.

In the entry way, opt for a simple table with a mirror hung above it on the wall. The mirror may have replaced a wedding photo or coat hooks, but it will be visually more welcoming.

Since the kitchen is one of the main rooms that will make or break an offer being made, this is definitely an area you want to put some effort into to get it ready for sale. Clear off the counters and use decor like bowls of fruit and candles. Savannah buyers will also appreciate the smell of something baking, so whip up a batch of cookies before a showing!

If you’re one of the many families that displays photos on the wall in the stairway, this is the time to pack them away and use neutral decor instead. Many home stores carry a variety of non-gender specific wall decor. You could try using three different sized pieces or even two larger framed or canvas pieces to guide buyers up the stairs without distraction.

You probably have family pictures in the bedrooms. Again, you want buyers to see a neutral space that they can picture their own belongings in, so opt for decor like candles and other items to bring pops of color to the space. Books also make a great decor item for nightstands and bookshelves in a bedroom, but instead of stacking them next to each other, try turning some on their sides and stacking up, then add a few small accessories for color and texture!

Now that you have a few ideas to decorate your Savannah home for sale, you’re well on your way to bringing in an offer?